February 29, 2024

Unsolicited Excellence in SEO Award: February, 2024

Unsolicited Excellence in SEO Award: February, 2024

Who is Cradlewise.com?

Cradlewise.com grabbed our attention during a deep dive into sleep content for our client, BedInABox. Upon visiting this site, we knew we had our February "UESA" winner. On CradleWise, we saw a website with content that was well siloed, a site that put an emphasis on a quality user interface, and a product that would naturally attract quality backlinks. It was evident even before ever entering the site into Ahrefs that Cradlewise was benefiting greatly from enhanced visibility on search engines.

So who is Cradlewise? Cradlewise is a cutting-edge smart crib and bassinet manufacturer, pioneering sleep solutions for infants.

  • Founded in 2019 and based in San Francisco, California.
  • The company successfully secured $7M in pre-seed funding, with notable investment rounds to fuel its technological advancements and market expansion.
  • Cradlewise's product lineup includes the innovative smart crib, known for its integrated baby monitor and responsive soothing mechanisms.
  • As of the latest update, Cradlewise has been featured in prominent publications, like Parents.com, and received accolades for its contribution to child wellness and parenting ease.

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Cradlewise.com’s SEO by the Numbers

When we start digging into Ahrefs, we see that Cradlewise.com has seen the results we anticipated at first glance from their robust and strategic SEO plan. The site has seen a significant uptick in organic keywords since June 2023, with an impressive 33.8K keywords bringing in a steady flow of organic traffic they can sell to or retarget with ads. This recent but consistent growth reflects Cradlewise's deep understanding of how their audience shops and search engine optimization.

  • The domain rating (DR) of Cradlewise.com is at a notable 47, indicating a strong domain authority and competitive edge in the smart crib and baby care industry. This rating has been pretty flat for the last year but this is typical of what we see for businesses in this space. Once they hit the ~50 DR mark they tend to level off but continue to see a keyword and traffic climb.
  • With 52.6K backlinks and 693 referring domains, Cradlewise.com has built a considerable online presence from quality websites, showcasing widespread recognition and trust across the web. The virality of the product and the affiliate program has significantly helped boost these efforts.
  • The website has a substantial organic traffic value, with Ahrefs reporting approximately 33.4K visitors, highlighting the potential reach and impact of their online content. 

Cradlewise.com's SEO approach has not only enhanced their visibility in organic search results but has also solidified their standing as a thought leader in the infant sleep solution space. The backlink profile and traffic metrics are a testament to their successful digital marketing efforts.

What Cradlewise.com Does Well

Comprehensive Content Siloing

The blog section of Cradelwise.com smartly clusters related topics, enabling Cradlewise to cover everything from the basics of newborn sleep patterns to advanced sleep training techniques, enhancing the site's SEO through topic relevance and depth. By breaking up the content they make it very easy for users and crawlers to navigate the various categories of information they cover.

By addressing a spectrum of related queries with in-depth, expert content, the site has become a go-to destination for new parents, significantly driving organic traffic and bolstering Cradlewise's authority in the baby care domain.

The Baby Sleep Guide & Other Topics

Cradlewise.com's Baby Sleep Guide is a prime example of well-executed content siloing, creating a comprehensive resource that dominates the topic of baby sleep month by month and year by year. Getting this granular and dedicating pages to each sub-topic allows Google to see that your website has more specific information and will be a better resource for the person at the other end of the search. In turn they rank on page 1 for just about any search related to baby sleep where the searcher also mentions the age of the baby.

Driving Organic Traffic

By capturing a wide range of sleep-related search queries, the many topics that Cradlewise has siloed brings in consistent, targeted organic traffic, contributing to a robust SEO profile and making Cradlewise a thought leader in infant sleep. And because they have the blog so compartmentailzed, they can customize the pop ups or offers certain visitors see based on the content they are reading.

Natural Backlinks

Cradlewise's insightful and high-quality content has naturally encouraged a wealth of backlinks from reputable sources. These organic endorsements known as backlinks boost the site's domain rating and search engine trust, reflecting a strong online presence and expertise.

Gaining Authority Naturally

A robust backlink profile from diverse, authoritative domains underlines Cradlewise's rising credibility and trust within the baby tech industry, signaling quality to search engines has certainly helped them achieve their 47 Domain Rating.

Boosting SEO Performance

The natural backlinks contribute to enhanced SEO performance, improving Cradlewise's visibility in search results and fostering trust among current and prospective customers. When you have a higher Domain Rating due to the trust generated from backlinks, the new content you put out often is quicker to rank for higher quality keywords.

Leveraging User-Generated Content

Cradelwise pushes the user towards their reviews often upon visiting. The Wall of Love stands out to us in particular as it is a focus of the main menu and a page that serves as a vibrant tapestry of customer satisfaction. Pages like these showcase heartfelt testimonials and user experiences that resonate with new parents and build a sense of community and trust around the Cradlewise brand. When Google crawls your site and sees legitimate reviews and user experiences, they will show your site more often to others as they know users resonate with other people using the product successfully. These efforts also make things easier for the content team to manage constant content generation!

Enhancing SEO through Authentic Feedback

The unique and organic content from user testimonials enriches the site's keyword diversity and supports all SEO efforts, making the Wall of Love a strategic asset in Cradlewise's SEO toolkit. Reviews are written from the perspective of the customer and Google and other search engines are able to identify this. Although this page may not rank for a ton of valuable keywords, it offers another form of value to the SEO campaign.

Engaging and Expanding the Community

This user-generated content not only provides authentic social proof but also invites organic interaction and engagement, extending Cradlewise's reach and influence. They heavily push the visitors to get engaged on Reddit at the top of the site and this is a great strategy because Reddit is a much more personal and information based social platform. Moms can join the Reddit channel and forget that they are ever in a sponsored space as they trade sleep secrets with other moms using the same products. A personal touch and connection like this is often what leads to that word of mouth referral in the real world.

Comparison Section

Cradlewise's comparison section is not just a feature list but a strategic tool that highlights their smart crib's unique advantages. This section provides valuable insights and maintains transparency with potential customers, reinforcing Cradlewise's competitive edge. This section will only grow as more competitors arise and the fact that they have already established a page gives them a future tie breaker when other well funded competitors start trying to rank, Cradelwise will have the older page.

Strategic Insights

By presenting a head-to-head comparison with competitors, Cradlewise directly addresses consumer queries and concerns, providing clear, compelling reasons for choosing their product over others.

Identifying Areas for Growth

While the comparison section successfully differentiates Cradlewise, it also invites ongoing analysis and improvement. By keeping this content current and relevant, Cradlewise can continue to refine their SEO strategy and maintain a strong market position.

How SEO Can Be Used for Your Emerging Tech Business

Embracing SEO strategies similar to those employed by Cradlewise can propel any emerging tech business into the digital spotlight. Focus on crafting a user-centric website, leveraging the power of user generated content, building a strong backlink profile, and producing quality siloed content to significantly elevate your search engine rankings.

To enhance your online presence like Cradlewise, consider the following actions:

  • Establish a clear, intuitive flow of information on your website, with the homepage and menu serving as the central hub for all related content.
  • Develop informative sub-blogs to provide your content team with endless topics
  • Utilize reviews with relevant customer imagery to effectively communicate your message and capture user attention.
  • Be willing to compare yourself to the competition

Partner with Mad Mango Marketing for Your SEO Journey

Cradlewise's SEO success is a shining example of the profound impact a strategic and well-executed SEO plan can have. Their achievements demonstrate how effective SEO can drive growth for any tech-focused enterprise. With a website that continuously climbs in organic search rankings, Cradlewise illustrates the potential for significant revenue through increased lead generation.

At Mad Mango Marketing, we specialize in the nuanced art of SEO and prioritize a strategy centered around the customer journey. We are committed to guiding your emerging tech business to reach the heights of online success that Cradlewise has achieved. While it's important to recognize that achieving top-tier SEO may require substantial investment, with a focus on measurable outcomes and strategic development, any business can transform search engine rankings into tangible profitability. Partner with us to sculpt your unique narrative in the evolving landscape of SEO and watch your tech business thrive.


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