July 19, 2022

Alternative Forms of Content - No One Wants to Read your Blog

Alternative Forms of Content - No One Wants to Read your Blog

Ironically this is a blog. And blogs are a great vehicle to get keywords to the search engines quickly. However, after a couple years of blogging, if you’re in an industry that’s just not that exciting you may start to hit a wall when it comes to creating content that isn’t saying the same thing over and over again, which can actually hurt your rankings!

Some of these suggestions are no brainers, like video, and hopefully they will get more unique for you as you continue to read our list.

Creating all this content consistently sounds doable at first but many business owners soon find out that this really is a job best delegated to a specialist. When you’ve hit a creativity wall and want a content refresh, reach out to the SEO experts here at Mad Mango Marketing.


Video is great because it holds people on your page. With time spent on page being a major ranking factor, you really should be tailoring a large portion of your content to creating videos. There’s a reason all social platforms are video based or trying to find ways to become video based. Put simply, the more time spent on page the higher the value that visit is and search engines will reward you for what they interpret as delivering a quality user-experience.

You can also use platforms like Rev to get a cheap transcript of your video and place the transcript under your video to also give the search engines something to read on the page.

PDF Deck

PDF decks are great because you can use free software like Canva to make professional looking slides in a matter of minutes. They are also really easy for the user to digest! If you have a crafty enough web developer you can even make each slide it’s own page to drive up the page per session count that Google will be tracking.

PDF decks allow you to provide content similar to listicles in an engaging way along with flexibility for graphics and other engaging factors because you should have a lot of open space on each slide.


Who doesn’t love a BuzzFeed article where you can see which candy bar your state eats the most of!? There are a number of plugins you can use to create an interactive map that allows you to display valuable data. Like I said in the title, no one wants to read a blog, think of what you engage with online, what is fun and easy to understand? Click thru rate matters! If you build something that has info people want to know in an easy to view format, you have a huge head start when it comes to ranking.


Just like PDF decks you can get a ton of pages per session if this is developed right. Use quizzes to engage your audience and possibly gather emails or phone numbers as well! If you are planning on running targeted Facebook ads one day, an email list is a great place to start and once someone has gone through the effort of completing a quiz it becomes much easier to get an email address.

If you have an active social media following, releasing quizzes could generate shares and visits that content in other formats would never garner.

Press Release

If your business is coming out with a new offer or service a press release may be a good way to create buzz. Most online PR services are expensive so this option is not for everyone. You can also go the old school route of sending these releases around yourself although you will need to be extraordinarily impressive to get attention on your own.

Be careful in the service you choose to publish your press release. Many of the online automated services go to sites no one ever reads and don’t do much of anything for your SEO because they are marked as sponsored or even no-follow links. The best companies for press releases are big businesses or a smaller business with access to a local PR agent.

Case Studies

If you provide a service, having a case study template developed could be a great way to generate free content from doing what you already do every day. Case studies are great because you need to provide real world examples and figures to show how you got the job done and the search engines and users love the detail. The more specifics you divulge will allow your readers and soon to be customers to make better decisions during the buying process and will reward pages like this with a lot of time spent on page.


Record your Zoom calls!

With everyone’s consent, record and conduct simple interviews with your customers, clients, partners, suppliers, and more. Both platforms will benefit and most likely share on their site and social accounts giving you extra eyes and hopefully a backlink.

Reach out to people in your industry who are looking to grow their reach and conduct weekly or monthly interviews. This form of content creation is really low effort on all ends because you’re talking about what you already know and you can also create a transcript to double dip on what was said.


There you have it, next time you don’t want to sit down and write another painstaking blog consider one of these options instead! You have to get creative if you want to put out meaningful content. Don’t forget about content refreshers too. Sometimes the best thing you can do is go into an old blog that has always performed and give it an update to further benefit your reader.


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