August 2, 2022

Where We Find Our SEO Writers

Where We Find Our SEO Writers

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1. SEO Content Creation Steps
2. Assuring Content Quality with Mad Mango Marketing

If you have been keeping up with the search engine world, you should be inundated with the phrase “content is king”. Every SEO guru on YouTube says it and every agency preaches it. But what is good content? And how does the marketing agency that you are about to hire go about finding the writers to create these search engine attention seekers?

If you are looking for the specifics on how to write a proper article for SEO you should check out our blog “How to Maximize a Post for SEO”.

In this article, we are specifically talking about how we at Mad Mango Marketing, go about finding the best content writers for our clients.

SEO Content Creation Steps

Step 1: Understand Your Business

The job of an SEO agency is to make your website as useful to your customers as possible. If we create a useful site and do a few other things like link building and website maintenance, then Google will reward you with organic traffic.

Mad Mango Marketing takes the time to sit down with your business and learn the pre and post-transaction process so that we can create a content plan for how to rank.

Step 2: Agree to a Plan

Once we agree to a 6-12 month content plan, we now know what kind of expertise we will need to create the quality writing that will get you ranking.

Step 3: Search for a Writer

Every client is different. Some clients have in house staff who we can take the time to teach, some clients have very basic business practices, and some clients have very complex businesses.

In-House Writers

For clients that want the content to come from within we are able to help significantly in 2 main ways. 

The first being instruction. We have years of SEO writing experience and have a library of articles and videos that we have produced right here at Mad Mango Marketing. Once your team member has a grasp of the basics, we start introducing more expert level ideas. We also provide suggested headings for each article so your team isn’t starting from a blank page.

The second way we can help is by editing and posting. Once the article is written we will take a quick look for any minor edits, take care of all linking, image placement, and post the article on any platform your website may be built on

Standard Businesses

By standard business, we are talking about any business that does not need a doctorate to run or a business that has to undergo extensive legal bureaucracy.

For the vast majority of businesses, we are able to utilize local colleges and universities as our writing staff. We search for English and Communication major students or students in your exact field of study. This not only teaches the next generation about the value in organic marketing but can allow them to improve their career aspects in the future by writing about what they are studying. We also pay them a fair wage and keep your dollars in the US.

Complex Businesses

For businesses that undergo regular audits by regulatory agencies or require doctorate level knowledge, we turn to three places; Graduate Students, Retirees, & LinkedIn.

We have successfully managed SEO campaigns for businesses like insurance agencies and protein manufacturing by either finding students in grad programs that are near a degree and can use a few extra bucks, retirees who still have a passion for the topic, or LinkedIn by searching for qualified individuals who are looking to write about your complex business model

Assuring Content Quality with Mad Mango Marketing

Just because we take all of these steps to find your business US based content writers with a background in professional writing or your direct industry, doesn’t mean they will fit.

For every client we have, we try to make connections with several other writers who can supplement your website should anything arise.

We even open up channels of direct communication between you and the writer we have assigned to your account. We are that confident in the rest of our SEO abilities.

If your business has been receiving subpar content from an agency or you are looking to enter the world of SEO for the first time, contact Mad Mango Marketing today


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