March 29, 2024

Unsolicited Excellence in SEO Award: March, 2024

Unsolicited Excellence in SEO Award: March, 2024

Who is WeedMaps?

WeedMaps is a more popular site than the winners in January and February, but nevertheless, they captured our interest when doing content research for our client, With their sophisticated platform, WeedMaps that has revolutionized access to cannabis-related information which in turn leads to revenue generation. This website stood out to us for their meticulous approach to user experience, its strategic SEO content, and its wide array of offerings that direct users to purposeful calls to action. It was clear from the outset that WeedMaps had mastered the art of online visibility.

So, who is WeedMaps? One of the premier hubs for cannabis information and commerce online today.

  • WeedMaps was acquired by General Cannabis Incorporated in 2010, and later in 2013, the original founders reacquired the company.
  • The company experienced rapid growth in revenue from $20,000 per month in 2009 to $400,000 per month by 2010.
  • In 2011, WeedMaps made a significant purchase, acquiring for $4.2 million, expanding their online authority.
  • Following a strategy to contribute to the cannabis community, WeedMaps launched the WeedMaps Museum of Weed in 2019 to destigmatize cannabis and educate on its prohibition history.
  • The company went public via a SPAC transaction in 2021 with the ticker symbol $MAPS.
  • A major acquisition came in September 2021 when WeedMaps bought Sprout, a cannabis CRM and marketing platform, for $29.6 million, again, expanding their online authority.
  • Despite challenges in 2022 leading to layoffs and the stepping down of the CEO, WeedMaps remains a leading cannabis platform.

The company's financials and operational reach as of FY 2022 included:

  • $215.53 million in annual revenue
  • An enterprise value estimated at $160.5 million
  • Stock prices and market capitalization information can be viewed on financial data websites.


WeedMaps’ SEO by the Numbers

A glimpse into the Ahrefs metrics for reveals industry domaincance without drastic fluctuation over the last 2 years. In 2023, they removed almost 20,000 pages from the site, but have since replaced them with new and better content. The robust SEO strategy of WeedMaps is too vast to cover in a short blog but we can still look at some key metrics to understand their positioning today.

  • Domain Rating (DR) stands at a massive 83, making it easy to rank for anything they post quickly and accurately.
  • The platform has amassed over 1.1 million backlinks, a testament to its widespread recognition and name brand recognition.
  • Organic traffic is estimated to be at 3.1 million, a clear indicator that WeedMaps' content has the ability to easily draw and engage an audience.

What WeedMaps Does Well

Research-Based Content

WeedMaps stands out in the digital cannabis marketplace not just for connecting users with dispensaries and products, but for its deep commitment to informed user experiences. At the heart of its online strategy is research-based content that positions the platform as an educational leader in the industry. When you are able to provide mountains of useful information on a topic like cannabis dispensaries, it is very easy to rank for seaches like “cannabis dispensaries near me” - See the results for yourself, for us here in St. Petersburg, FL they are Position #1 with a featured snippet. Odds are they are on your page one no matter where you are located around the world.

Laws and Regulations Overview

WeedMaps’ comprehensive coverage of laws and regulations is a testament to their dedication to providing users with essential, actionable information. They provide up-to-date, detailed descriptions of cannabis legality, broken down by region and state, which are indispensable to consumers and businesses navigating the complex legal landscape.

Cannabis History

WeedMaps offers an insightful exploration into the history and evolution of cannabis through its dedicated educational section. This resource illuminates the plant's journey from ancient times to its current status in society, highlighting its cultural, medicinal, and legal transformations. By delving into the historical context and scientific developments, WeedMaps enriches users’ understanding of cannabis, fostering a deeper appreciation of its complexity and versatility.

Cannabis Dictionary

The Cannabis Dictionary on WeedMaps serves as an invaluable tool for both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts to demystify the often complex terminology associated with the plant and its consumption. This comprehensive glossary covers everything from cultivation terms to consumption methods, ensuring users can navigate the cannabis world with confidence. By providing clear, concise definitions, WeedMaps can rank for terms searched by beginners and be one of the first websites they come in contact with in the space, making them more likely to return and shop again.

Useful Tools

WeedMaps is renowned for its practical tools that enhance the user experience, particularly through its comprehensive Dispensary and Doctor Listings. These tools demonstrate WeedMaps’ commitment to providing valuable resources that cater to both recreational and medical cannabis consumers, facilitating access to products and expert advice.

Dispensary Listings

WeedMaps provides an extensive database of dispensaries, allowing users to search for dispensaries based on their geographic area. This tool is invaluable for consumers looking to find cannabis products for the first time or while traveling, offering detailed information on each dispensary, including product menus, reviews, pricing, and operational hours. The platform's user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to navigate and discover dispensaries that meet their needs.

Doctor Listings

In addition to dispensaries, WeedMaps offers a directory of doctors who are knowledgeable in medical cannabis. This resource is crucial for patients needing professional guidance and prescriptions for medical marijuana. Each listing provides information about the doctor's services, specialties, and how to schedule consultations, making it easier for patients to connect with healthcare providers experienced in medical cannabis treatment.

Endless Products to List

WeedMaps stands out for its vast array of cannabis-related products, ensuring users have access to a diverse and comprehensive product catalog. Because Google understand there is often a shopping element that comes with these types of searches, websites with product listings have more potential to rank for a wide array of product related terms, furthering opening up opportunities for WeedMap’s SEO team to explore. 

Comprehensive Product Catalog

WeedMaps' platform showcases an extensive catalog of cannabis products ranging from flowers and edibles to concentrates and topicals. This breadth of selection caters to varied consumer preferences and needs, offering detailed descriptions, THC/CBD content, and usage instructions. The catalog is designed to educate and inform consumers, enabling informed purchasing decisions in a user-friendly online environment.

User Reviews and Recommendations

An integral part of WeedMaps' offering is its user review system, which empowers consumers to share their experiences and insights on different products. These reviews and recommendations add a layer of trust and community-driven guidance, helping new users navigate the plethora of choices. The platform’s review system also allows consumers to discuss the efficacy, flavor profiles, and overall satisfaction with the products, fostering a community of informed and engaged users.

How SEO Can Be Used for Your Cannabis Business

Although WeedMaps has hundreds of thousands to spend on SEO each year, there are the same core SEO strategies leveraged by WeedMaps that can illuminate the path for any cannabis business seeking to grow its digital presence. By focusing on building a user-centric website, incorporating rich, informative content, and cultivating a solid network of backlinks, your business can climb the SEO ranks. It's about weaving a cohesive strategy that resonates with both search engines and users, much like WeedMaps has successfully done.

To bolster your online position like WeedMaps, consider these steps:

  • Develop a user-friendly flow of information that guides visitors through your website, with the homepage anchoring all related content.
  • Craft detailed, insightful articles and resources that cover the full spectrum of cannabis-related topics, ensuring depth and breadth in your content strategy.
  • Employ customer reviews and real-world testimonials to bring authenticity and engage your audience if you can list products.
  • Continually evaluate and measure up against the competition to identify opportunities for growth and differentiation.

Partner with WeedMaps for Your SEO Journey

WeedMaps' triumph in SEO exemplifies the substantial impact a focused and dynamic SEO strategy can have. Through their platform, which has consistently ascended in organic search rankings, WeedMaps showcases the power of SEO in amplifying your cannabis business's reach and authority online.

By partnering with Mad Mango Marketing, you tap into our expertise in the art of SEO and analysis like this. Recognize that achieving SEO success is a substantial endeavor that, when executed with a strategic, customer-centric approach, can lead to meaningful engagement and revenue growth. Engage with Mad Mango to navigate the complex SEO terrain and ensure your cannabis business is poised to flourish in the competitive digital ecosystem.


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