January 30, 2024

Unsolicited Excellence in SEO Award: January 2024

Unsolicited Excellence in SEO Award: January 2024

Who is WrapMate.com

WrapMate.com caught our attention while doing some keyword research for a client, Zach Wraps. When we found this site, we all stopped what we were doing for a bit and marveled as we scrolled through the user interface. We could tell well before we put the URL into Ahrefs that the ease of use was going to make it very easy for Google to rank. 

WrapMate.com is an online platform at the forefront of the vehicle wrap industry. It has revolutionized the way car wrappers find leads and the way individuals get their vehicles wrapped by streamlining the entire process, making it convenient and accessible for everyone.

  • Wrapmate was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado.
  • The company has raised a total of $1.7M in funding over 2 rounds, with the latest funding raised on June 1, 2023, from a Seed round.
  • Wrapmate acquired Wrapify, a leader in rideshare advertising, on April 10, 2023.
  • As of April 2022, Wrapmate supported a nationwide network of over 1,300 vetted graphic professionals known as Wrapmate Pros.
  • The pre-seed funding round was led by Automotive Ventures, with participation from angel investors, intended for expanding operations and accelerating growth.

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WrapMate.com’s SEO by the Numbers

WrapMate.com has shown impressive and targeted SEO growth, with a ~90% increase in organic keywords in the last 2 years and therefore a steady rise in organic traffic value. Their backlink profile boasts over 1.7K backlinks, many completely organic, with a significant number of referring domains, indicating a strong online presence and trust.

  • The domain rating (DR) stands at 30, showing a competitive edge in the vehicle wrap industry compared to most local wrap shops.
  • Wrapmate.com has ~5K keywords, with 4% of those keywords falling in position 1-3 according to Ahrefs. What is often overlooked by bigger tools like Ahrefs are the local rankings which this site has a lot of.
  • The site's organic traffic value grew to $4.4K, reflecting potential revenue from increased visibility. Again, with it being more difficult to gauge local SEO for Ahrefs, this number is most likely very conservative. 
  • With 1.7K+ backlinks, Wrapmate.com's network could impact referral traffic and lead generation.
  • Wrapmate.com has 258 referring domains, suggesting a strong brand presence online.

What WrapMate.com Does Well

1. Form-Based Process

The form-based process on Wrapmate's website exemplifies how user interactions can be simplified to enhance the customer journey. By minimizing barriers to entry, they increase the likelihood of converting interest into actionable leads, a tactic that positively influences their SEO by signaling relevance and user satisfaction to search engines.

The Power of Simplicity: Wrapmate’s Form-Based Approach

  • The "Get your exact price" call-to-action on the homepage leads to a simple form where potential customers can quickly enter details about their vehicle and receive pricing information, making the process straightforward and efficient​​.

Converting Clicks to Clients: The Role of User-Friendly Forms

  • The "Installation anywhere using certified 3M products" section details the process of scheduling an installation, which is made simple through a user-friendly form, showing how they convert interest into tangible actions​​.

2. Large Block Text and Quality Images

Wrapmate effectively leverages large block text and high-quality images to communicate its message and services. This approach not only ensures that information is easily digestible but also helps to capture and retain the user's attention. By balancing textual content with visual elements, Wrapmate creates an engaging user experience that supports SEO efforts through increased dwell time and lower bounce rates.

Clarity in Communication: The Impact of Text and Imagery

  • Wrapmate's homepage showcases their use of large block text in explaining their process, "An exact price in a few clicks" section provides clear, concise information complemented by simple icons and images, illustrating their services​​.

Visual Storytelling: Balancing Text with Images

  • The "Professional design satisfaction guaranteed" section on the homepage is another example, where they highlight their design services with large text and corresponding images that demonstrate the quality and attention to detail in their work​​.

3. Dynamic Headings Based on Location

Wrapmate's dynamic headings, which adapt based on the user's location, are an excellent SEO strategy to connect with local audiences. By personalizing content to the viewer's context, Wrapmate not only improves user experience but also strengthens its relevance in local search results.

The SEO Advantage of Location-Specific Headings

  • The dynamic headings that change according to user location can be seen in action on the home page, where the searcher’s city will show as a heading and content that reflects the local services and offerings​​.

4. Location Pages

Wrapmate's dedicated location pages are a testament to their understanding of the importance of local SEO. By creating pages tailored to various regions, they are able to rank more effectively for location-based searches, directly connecting with customers in specific markets.

Localized SEO: The Strategy Behind Wrapmate’s Location Pages

  • The location page for New York showcases how Wrapmate uses localized content to rank for location-based searches, with headings and text optimized for the New York market​​.

Driving Traffic: The Importance of Localized Content

  • Similarly, the location page for Los Angeles highlights the advantages of having dedicated content that drives traffic from users searching for vehicle wraps in their specific locale​​.

5. Backlinking

Wrapmate's backlink profile is robust, showcasing a widespread recognition of their brand across various authoritative domains. This strong network of backlinks signifies their credibility and authority to search engines, enhancing their overall SEO.

Building an Online Empire: Wrapmate’s Backlink Strategy

  • Wrapmate's backlinking strategy can be indirectly observed through the high-quality publications that mention and link to them, such as the news release sections or industry articles that are often listed on their press page​​.

The Art of Backlink Acquisition: Lessons from Wrapmate

  • The educational blog posts that Wrapmate creates, which can be found in their blog section, are the type of content that naturally attracts backlinks from other sites looking to provide value to their readers​​.

6. Blogging

Wrapmate's blogging efforts are a cornerstone of their content marketing strategy. Through informative and customer-centric posts, they provide value to readers, which enhances engagement and contributes to their SEO success.

Telling the Brand Story: How Wrapmate Engages Through Blogging

  • On the Wrapmate blog, they tell their brand story through customer success stories and updates about their services, which engages readers and fosters a deeper connection with the brand​​.

The Art of Educational Content: Wrapmate’s Approach to Informative Blogging

  • The blog also features educational content that helps position Wrapmate as an authority in the industry, such as posts that explain the benefits of vehicle wrapping and tips for maintaining wraps​​.

How SEO Can Be Used for Your Car Wrap Business

Taking a leaf from WrapMate's book, any car wrap business can implement similar SEO tactics to boost their online visibility. Focus on user experience, local SEO, backlinking, and quality content to see a significant impact on your search engine rankings.

Take these following steps to mirror WrapMate:

  • Create a clear flow of information using your home page and menu as the foundation everything else is connected to
  • Create location pages based on the areas you want to serve. Make these pages as informative as your home page.
  • Use large block text and clear imagery 
  • Develop a process that works for you to encourage other websites to link to yours.
  • Get blogging! Listen to your clients and blog about their FAQs. Make the content well thought out with images and video throughout it and a call to action to get someone who lands on your blog to convert into a lead.

Partner with Mad Mango Marketing for Your SEO Journey

Wrapmate's SEO growth is a testament to their clearly strategic efforts, showcasing the substantial impact of a well-crafted SEO plan. Their story is not just about a company's success; it's a demonstration of how effective SEO can propel any business forward. By building a website with an ever increasing organic keywords presence they can make considerable revenue selling these leads to the local shops that actually do the work.

At Mad Mango Marketing, we understand the intricacies of SEO and the importance of a customer-centric approach. We're dedicated to helping your business achieve the kind of online success Wrapmate has seen. It is important to note that WrapMate has spent 10’s of thousands of dollars to get their SEO in the position it is today. But with a focus on tangible results and strategic growth, any business can turn search engine results into real-world profits. Let's partner together to craft your unique success narrative in the growing SEO landscape.


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