June 21, 2024

CASE STUDY - A Lead a Day for a Local Car Wrap Shop

CASE STUDY - A Lead a Day for a Local Car Wrap Shop


Zach Wraps, a car wrapping business in North Carolina, came to Mad Mango Marketing when the shop was first setting out. From the start of the website build, our content team was a critical part of creating the site layout both in menu and page structure. With our team focused on content layout and the crawlability of the site, Zach was able to focus on wrapping cars and getting us the content we needed to make his site pop. After a year + of our efforts, Zach Wraps generates well over 30 SEO leads a month, not only bringing him business today, but helping build and keep lasting rankings which brings with it the opportunity to grow the business in new directions in the future with ease.

Below is how we helped him grow online, but the true secret to the success is the owner's dedication to consistently aiding in the planning and execution of these deliverables.

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Content Plan

To build keywords on any website, you need to explain what you do via written or visual content on well-designed web pages. Here we outline what content pieces we deployed to build this keyword base:

  • 2 Blogs per Month Based on Customer FAQs: By addressing common questions customers ask Zach every day, we aimed to provide straightforward answers and visuals as the value for the reader on each page of his site. By making his site more informative with answers to many questions people are likely to have on the topic, Zach Wrap is seen as an authority in the car wrapping niche by search engines who crawl and read the site. It is important to have a dedicated page for each FAQ as Google would rather bring a user to one page with every thought on that topic than a page that goes down wayward paths talking about other services or offerings. This also gives you a good spot to return and add new info as this service changes over time, showing Google you are making it easy for customers to learn everything about a topic in one place. This approach not only drives traffic but also builds time spent on-site, positioning Zach Wraps as a knowledgeable and reliable car wrapper.
  • Mailing List Building: There is more value than a lead form to be collected from your SEO traffic. By setting up a contest on the homepage and in the blogs that offers a free wrap in exchange for an email address, we have been helping Zach grow one of the most important marketing assets, a mailing list. This strategy captures minimal info from people who may not want to commit to a wrap today, but are still interested in staying in touch with the business, providing an opportunity to convert them into potential leads later on. This mailing list allows Zach Wraps to maintain regular communication with prospects through newsletters, special offers, and updates. This consistent engagement keeps the brand top-of-mind and fosters a sense of community among the followers.
  • Location Pages for Surrounding Towns: Dedicated pages for nearby towns improved local SEO and attracted more local customers. These pages were optimized with location-specific keywords and included detailed information about the services offered near each area. By interlinking to these pages often and in valuable places on the website, Zach Wraps ensured they were visible to customers searching for car wrapping services in their vicinity, thereby increasing his chances of capturing local business.
  • Monthly Image Updates: For a business like car wrapping, having a frequent update of visuals is critical to rank. Regularly refreshing the site with new images kept the content dynamic and engaging. High-quality images showcasing recent projects, customer testimonials, and before-and-after transformations were added monthly. This not only made the website visually appealing but also provided fresh content for search engines to index, further boosting SEO performance. This again, stems from Zach Wrap’s dedication to the SEO process as many businesses will get lax on updating the small things like this.

Backlink Strategy

Simply writing and creating content is often not enough to rank, especially in a space of growing competition like vinyl car wrapping. A comprehensive backlink strategy is needed and is essential for singling to Google that Zach Wraps is trusted by other already established sites in the industry:

  • Exhausted Local Connections: Leveraging local business relationships is a great way to earn valuable backlinks. Zach Wraps collaborates with local businesses and websites on occasion and when he does, it is paramount that he connects them to our backlink building team so we can reach out and make the most of the connection for the SEO. When Google sees other local businesses linking to your site in an organic way, they are more likely to show your site for local searches. Additionally, participation in community events and sponsorships also contributed to earning local backlinks.
  • Directory Listing Sync: Ensuring consistent business information across various online directories is a simple but necessary step for a good link profile. Don’t fall for other marketing agencies that make this step out to be more than it is, this step is nothing more than purchasing and setting up an account like SEMRush Local, but it is critical to have all your information uniform across the major directories online. Accurate and consistent listings on directories like Google My Business, Yelp, and industry-specific platforms help search engines build trust in your brand and therefore rank you more often.
  • 2 Links Built Per Month: The main deliverable of our backlink building service, after we have exhausted the local connections and directories, is to reach out to blogs and other authoritative sites in your niche to get them to refer to our client using different keywords as the link back. Our team secures 2 of these high-quality backlinks from industry-leading websites for Zach each month and this consistency has been part of his SEO success. This can and has often led to other business connections as we are presenting your brand to industry leaders in a professional manner offering value for value.

Eye on Reviews

With a strong focus on customer reviews, Zach Wraps consistently encouraged satisfied customers to leave positive feedback. This approach helped build trust and attract new customers. Every completed job was followed up with a personalized request for a review. This not only increased the number of positive reviews but also created a sales tool for new business and referrals as he now has over 100 5-star reviews. With consistent efforts and quality service, Zach Wraps maintained an impressive rating on platforms like Google My Business, which always plays a critical role in ranking in the map pack.

Website Upkeep

Don’t let your website get stale if you want Google to continue to show your site for competitive keywords. Regular website maintenance and upkeep ensured that Zach Wraps' site remained functional, user-friendly, and up to date on his latest job:

  • Broken Link Maintenance: One way to signal to Google that you care about your user’s experience is to identify and fix broken links and this is part of our SEO service at Mad Mango. A monthly audit is conducted to check for any broken or outdated links, ensuring that users have a seamless browsing experience. This also prevents potential dead ends for search engines, who favor websites with functional and relevant links.
  • Weekly Site Map Submissions: Regularly updating search engines may sound like overkill, but there are many in the SEO space who claim to see positive relations between site performance and super consistent site map uploads…and we are already in GSC weekly checking up on things so why not! By submitting updated sitemaps to search engines like Google, we ensure that new and updated content is quickly indexed and the site is always on Google’s to-do list. This practice helped maintain the site’s relevance in search results and kept it aligned with SEO best practices.
  • Monthly Meetings with Client: Ongoing communication to review progress and adjust strategies as needed is critical and something Zach Wraps always makes time for. These meetings provided an opportunity to discuss analytics, assess the effectiveness of current strategies, and most importantly, plan for future initiatives as no agency can know the business better than the owners. By keeping the client informed and involved, we could tailor our approach to align with their evolving business goals and market conditions.


The implementation of these strategies led to significant improvements in Zach Wraps' online presence and business performance. The following metrics illustrate the results:

  • Domain Rating (DR): Increased from 0 to 15
  • URL Rating (UR): Increased from 0 to 5
  • Backlinks: Grew from 0 to 28
  • Referring Domains: Expanded from 0 to 23
  • Organic Keywords: Increased from 0 to 1.4K
  • Organic Traffic: Jumped from 0 to 300 per month

Traffic by Location

Zach Wraps saw significant traffic growth, primarily from local searches but a few blogs saw national reach as well. This wide reach indicated that the SEO and content strategies were not only good enough to boost the site locally but also resonated with a wider audience. The targeted content and strategic use of keywords allowed Zach Wraps to attract visitors from various regions, expanding his market potential for future offerings.

As you can see, the top traffic source, as well as the top Event (phone call & lead form) trigger is organic traffic from Zach’s home state, #2 are people trying in his name directly locally from al the great word of mouth Zach’s work generates, and the next 3 highest traffic sources are SEO visitors from nearby or populous states.

Organic Keywords

The strategic focus on relevant content led to substantial keyword growth across several pages on the site. This included targeting long-tail keywords on individual blogs, which often had lower competition but high intent. By continuously optimizing content for these keywords, Zach Wraps improved their search visibility and attracted more qualified leads. 

Although there were ebbs and flows in the higher rankings on page 2-10, the growth of the page 1 words was steady and are ultimately what brings the most leads to the site. Our team monitors the words in grey and will suggest content pieces to the team at Zach Wraps when there is an opportunity.

Traffic Acquisition

The majority of traffic came from organic search, followed by direct visits and social media. This distribution highlighted the effectiveness of the SEO strategy in driving sustained, organic growth. Direct traffic indicated strong brand recognition and returning visitors, while social media efforts complemented the overall strategy by driving additional engagement and awareness. 

Above are the first 5 months of 2024. ~150 days and over 200 leads or phone calls from SEO visitors alone!


Zach Wraps' success story demonstrates the power of a well-executed SEO plan and ownership dedicated to the process. By focusing on content creation, backlink building, review management, and regular website upkeep, Zach Wraps transformed their online presence and achieved sustained growth. With a plan, any business can see this kind of success from an SEO campaign.


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