June 3, 2024

Unsolicited Excellence in SEO Award: May 2024

Unsolicited Excellence in SEO Award: May 2024

After a month away we are back with the Unsolicited Excellence in SEO Award!

Who is Tattoo Smart?

Tattoo Smart caught our attention during a backlink building campaign for our client, First Class Tattoo. When we found this site, we were impressed with the concept of a local artist & shop owner leveraging a separate e-commerce site as part of an overall organic strategy. Once we dug deeper into the site and even spoke with the owner, we saw a high priority was being put on SEO internally that would suggest this site was a good one to work with for long term credibility. 

Tattoo Smart provides digital design tools for professional tattoo artists. Their product range includes Procreate brush sets, 3D models, flash stamps, and educational eBooks. They offer tools designed to enhance creativity and streamline the tattoo design process, catering to various tattoo styles.

  • Founded in 2016.
  • Headquarters: Greater Atlanta Area, East Coast, Southern US.
  • Offers: Procreate templates, 3D models, flash stamps, eBooks.
  • Known for: High-quality digital design tools and educational resources.

Tattoo Smart's SEO by the Numbers

Tattoo Smart has shown impressive SEO growth, with a significant increase in organic keywords and a steady rise in organic traffic value over the years. Their backlink profile has a substantial number of referring domains, indicating a strong online presence and trust.

  • Domain Rating (DR): 30, showing a competitive edge compared to scores most shops can obtain.
  • Keywords: ~4K, with a notable percentage in top positions.
  • Backlinks: 1K+, suggesting strong referral traffic and lead generation.
  • Referring Domains: ~225, indicating a robust online presence.

What Tattoo Smart Does Well

1. Downloadable/Purchasable Content

Tattoo Smart’s extensive range of downloadable and purchasable content, such as their design templates, effectively enhances their SEO performance. Productizing your services like this is great for SEO because Google understands product pages well and wants to rank them because they can easily detect a positive outcome (a purchase) versus someone simply reading a blog. These products are not only valuable for tattoo artists but also drive significant traffic to their site because they provide legitimate and useful examples to search queries about any number of tattoo design questions, customer or artist.

Leveraging Digital Products: Tattoo Smart’s Approach

Enhancing User Experience: Product Accessibility

  • Downloadable products are easily accessible throughout the menu and website making the goal clear to Google where they want to direct traffic and ensuring a seamless user experience dedicated to helping the visitor find the products that solve their needs.

2. High-Quality Resources

Tattoo Smart’s Tattoo Artist Hourly Rate Calculator is a prime example of providing high-quality resources that attract and engage their primary customer in areas adjacent to their main product line. Not every tattoo artist may want to buy a template, but they all want to maximize their time and value, and this is what tools like this provide. By offering resources like these, Tattoo Smart can build credibility and trust with users who may one day need a template and return with a credit card in hand.

Providing Value: Calculators and Tools

  • Tools that help their customers operate better businesses will make Tattoo Smart more money in the long run so they invest in free tools to help artists make the most of their time and resources with this long term vision.

Building Trust and Authority

  • When you give away content like this for free, it is easier to ask for an email in exchange or silently tag that user to advertise to them later. Free, effective content builds trust and attracts top of funnel traffic for your business which is an easy way to squeeze the most out of your SEO campaign.

3. Keyword-Rich Blogging

Tattoo Smart effectively uses keyword-rich blog posts on design topics to drive traffic that leads to sales. For example, blogs like their Year of the Dragon post make it easy to incorporate relevant keywords about dragon tattoo designs that could even lead to a template sale if the search is being conducted by an artist who likes what they see. When you can provide content and a product based solution, you have an advantage over those simply blogging.

Strategic Blogging: Topic Selection

  • Tattoo Smart often selects blog topics based on design themes like the example above. Proving this extra context gives Google the confidence to show their site because they are not only selling but informing about a wide range of designs.

Informing About Desing Tools Needed to Use Their Templates

  • Tattoo Smart does not blog about design templates alone. They also create blogs that teach users how to use tools like Procreate more effectively whether they need to buy a template or not. When they provide this content, similar to the calculator strategy, they open up the potential to capture traffic who does not yet know their products exist, but with a few well placed call to actions, can turn into a customer as most of their templates are Procreate based.

4. A Few Strong Backlinks

Tattoo Smart’s backlink profile overall isn't the reason they rank but there are a few links placed that showcase an attention towards working with other authoritative domains, enhancing their SEO reach.

Tattoo Shops - The Customer

  • Tattoo Smart has a number of backlinks from credible tattoo artists and shop websites. When your customer, in this case, a tattoo artist or shop, links to your site, it is a very powerful statement to Google and other search engines. If your customer is talking about you, that means it is likely others will want to do the same so they will start serving sites with strategies like this more and more. 

Informative Blogging: Attracting Backlinks

  • Blogs like the Procreate blogs attract backlinks like these. NO FOLLOW Which although won’t make or break their rankings, shows that the blogs are easily found and workable into the content others are making online today.

How SEO Can Be Used for Your Tattoo Design Business

Learn from Tattoo Smart's SEO tactics to boost your online visibility. Focus on productizing your services if you can, providing entry level tools to engage with future customers, and building quality backlinks directly from your clients to improve search engine rankings.

Partner with Mad Mango Marketing for Your SEO Journey

Tattoo Smart’s SEO growth is a testament to their emphasis on organic search traffic as a top of funnel strategy, demonstrating how effective SEO can propel a business forward. At Mad Mango Marketing, we understand the intricacies of SEO and can build a strategy like this for your website. Let’s partner together to craft your unique success story in the growing SEO landscape.


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