July 19, 2022

Where to Find Backlink Leads

Where to Find Backlink Leads

Once your website is optimized and your content plan is implemented, you now need to begin driving backlinks to these content pieces to give your site a final push to the top of Google and other search engines.

Some content can rank on its own, through already establish Domain Authority or simply by being extremely thorough on a lower volume keyword. However, if you are in a more competitive space, odds are you will need a backlink or two to signal to Google that your content deserves to be placed above your competitors.

A backlink is essentially a signal to search engines that other sites trust you and therefore a search engine should trust you as well. Backlinks are a great way for Google to assume authority, which builds trust and allows you to consistently rank.

If you don’t want to link build yourself and spend hours digging up points of contact to inquire about a backlink, you can always contact us here at Mad Mango Marketing. We provide businesses of all sizes with weekly or monthly backlink opportunities to grow the visibility of any website!

Contact the Backlink Team at Mad Mango Marketing!

Free tools to build backlinks

Keep in mind that in 2022 there are very few softwares that offer a truly free experience. Many of these suggestions below will offer add ons or restrict your usage without paying. Never-the-less, these tools have free aspects and can certainly be used to boost your site. If you are performing SEO on several sites you may want to pay for these tools or head to the next section of the article.


Hunter.Io Logo Transparent - EntreResource.com

Do a quick Google search for your industry and the word “blog”. You may find lists of dozens of sites that blog about your space and could be a great place to get links or swap content. Often these sites will hide direct emails and leave you only with a contact form that gets filled out by countless others every day, making it almost impossible for you to stand out.

Download Hunter.io’s free Chrome Extension and this intelligent tool will scour the site in search of unique email addresses that belong to real people at the site for you to reach out to directly. This tool alone could save you hours of page flipping each month.


Clubhouse Icon - Clubhouse Blog

Whether it’s Facebook, Discord, Slack, or Clubhouse, groups and group communication are the future of social platforms. All platforms are looking for ways to move the conversation away from timelines and towards private channels as the public has grown old of traditional social media consumption and a push towards privacy is evermore prevalent.

Join groups of business or site owners in your space and make some friends! If you are a local trades business the task of building backlinks can seem like a hill too complicated to climb. However, if you can find people who do your exact trade 2,000 miles away, they may be much more willing to give you a backlink with a blog swap or interview because you won’t be taking their plumbing job in California when you’re in Alabama.

You can also look for SEO specific groups but beware as there are black hats everywhere looking for a quick link.

Google Alerts & HARO

How To Setup Google Alerts For News In 2021? | ThemeMiles

We talk about these two platforms in almost every blog because they are so important for white-hat link building. These two tools give you incredible access to new internet content at critical points. Right before it gets posted (HARO) and right after it gets posted (Google Alerts).

Using these two free platforms in tandem, you can know just about every time someone is going to write about your space, or has just published something in your industry.

Once you find your first link using one of these two platforms, don't forget to follow up! Email the writer 3 or 6 months later asking if they are working on anything else in your space or know of any colleagues writing anything you can hop on and assist with (all for a link of course).

Paid tools to build backlinks

Paid tools will always offer more features that make the project of link building that much easier. Many offer tool on top of tool that could make this blog incredibly long. For the sake of brevity we will mention a few key products inside of these paid tools that will out you on the fast track to building links

Ahref's Content Explorer

Ahrefs Logo transparent PNG - StickPNG

Ahrefs offers tons of tools. None better for backlink building than the “Content Explorer”. Here, you can enter a keyword or term you are trying to rank for and see what others are writing about. This is a great spot not only for finding articles written about your topic but also a great place to get inspired for your next blog topic.

You can discover exactly how many backlinks you will need to rank for this term, who ranks first (so you can see what they do and make your content better), and even find articles with broken links in them.

The broken link tool is a favorite here at Mad Mango. What you do is, after entering your keyword, set the filter at the top to show “only broken”. This will refresh your page to show you articles written about your topic that have broken links in them. Use Hunter.io to find the author's email and let them know they have a broken link and linking to your site would be a much better option...you know, because your site never breaks.


File:Semrush logo.svg - Wikipedia

Ahrefs and SEMrush offer very similar tools so you will find a lot of the same features giving you many more leads to reach out to for backlink building.

One tool that we use is the “trending topics” icon when searching for articles that rank in your space. You can use this tool to discover topics that have been getting more traction recently in your industry so you can hone in on that topic in your HARO and Google Alert searches and maybe even write a post so that you can hop on the trend and find that next valuable link.

The Mad Mango Way

Building backlinks is time consuming work and even more time consuming when you do it the right way. White hat link building takes time but once you start to build a few key relationships you will have backlink opportunities coming to you instead of you seeking them out.

If you think you can handle the outreach part but not the hours spent to find these sites give us a call! We can provide your business or agency with 100% vetted lists of legitimate backlink opportunities for you to open up communication with.

And if that all sounds like way too much work, even with us doing the research for you, it may be time to bring on an agency to handle this job. Contact the team at Mad Mango Marketing today to get started!


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