July 19, 2022

Should You Use SEO Content Writing Software?

Should You Use SEO Content Writing Software?

What is Content Writing Software?

Content writing software may be something you encounter if you are looking to start managing your own SEO. One of the most time consuming tasks in SEO is content writing and there are a number of tools on the web both paid and free that can assist you in the process. There are varying degrees to which these softwares can help you as well. This ranges from as basic as a simple analysis of the content that currently ranks all the way to AI technology that writes articles completely for you.

There are pros and cons to each type of software (although we would never recommend having a bot write your content) and we will discuss how you can use content writing software to improve your rankings on Google and other search engines.

What Makes Good SEO Content?


Before submitting your credit card info for that free trial, it is important to do research into what makes a quality piece of SEO content. You can read a Mad Mango blog or do your own research however, you will soon find out that you need to provide not only sufficient depth to each part of your article, but you will also most likely need to include relevant media like images or videos and then link to deeper content on your website. Once you realize this fact, you may start to question how a content writing software can actually bring value to your website, as opposed to a regurgitation of what already exists on the internet.

Most well-ranking content has:

  • Unique information
  • Complete information on the topics mentioned
  • Links to other relevant content on and off your website
  • Media like videos or infographics
  • Information that concludes you are the expert

How Content Writing Tools Help


Getting Ballpark Figures

If you are looking to build the foundation of a great SEO article, this is one place content writing software can be a huge help. Most content that ranks for money terms did not get there by being written once and forgotten about. Sometimes it takes several rounds of freshening up and adding content for Google to send you the traffic you deserve.

If you want to get your blog’s “Version 1” into a good place, analyzing what currently ranks is a great place to start and these softwares take care of that for you. They will average out the word count, heading count, and number of images of what is already ranking to give you a goal to hit. They will also pull the top keywords each page ranks for which can give you ideas on what else to write about, which leads to the next benefit. ​

Spot Trends

These tools are great at identifying keywords and topics that are all being covered by the top pages. If you are writing an article on home security and every page on page 1 mentions the same 3 brands, you should start with this info and look to add more over time.

How Content Writing Tools Hurt


No Originality

All these tools do is read what already ranks and report back. This does not mean Google won’t like other information or a unique page layout more. And if you are in a competitive space you may need to try new things to get more traffic sent to your site. Use what these tools give you as a starting point but know you will need to add your own original ideas for the best and fastest results.

Writing for Metrics

Search Engine algorithms are focused on sending their users to web pages with the most specific information but also keep their visitors away from spammy sites. If you are using a 3rd party algorithm, such as those provided by these softwares, to guide your writing to be an average of all the existing ranking content, wouldn’t a more sophisticated algorithm like Google’s be able to identify metric focused content like these tools produce? Platforms like Surfer SEO have been known to cause overstuffing of keywords and a focus around pleasing an algorithm instead of providing clear and concise information.

Let’s take a look at some of the major players

The Major Players

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO claims you can “Save hours by using Surfer to prepare a plan optimized to your domain, niche, and audience. Then dominate your niche with dozens of strategic ideas.”

Read their reviews and pricing below.



Frase.io states on their website, “Write high-converting, SEO-optimized copy at the click of a button. Make writer’s block a thing of the past with automated outlines, blog introductions, product descriptions, FAQ’s and more.”

Read their reviews and pricing below.



SimilarContent is a SEO Content tool that will help you create content in a way that optimizes it for Google’s search engine.”

Read their reviews and pricing below.


What are Your Alternatives?

​Ahrefs & SEMRush

The major SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush have their own content creation tools that return similar metrics. The difference with these tools is that you have a lot more technology behind you to do the actual legwork of finding where the competition has gaps in their content.

Don’t Blog Write

There is nothing saying you have to blog write. Sure, blogging is one of the most effective ways to rank, but there are other simpler forms of content you can create and we wrote about it in this blog. If writing slows your other marketing efforts down, try creating a Google Form that your customers or employees can fill out that tell a story of how you deliver your goods or services, you can then easily turn this into free content full of first hand information and keywords.

Talk to Mad Mango Marketing


Original content brings organic traffic. Finding shortcuts to create ranking blogs and articles will more likely than not leave you with an average piece of content. Ultimately, all these content writing software tools can do is read and report what already exists.

SEO doesn’t just involve the agency educating the client on how search engines work, for the best results, the client will need to educate the agency on the workings of their business as well. SEO agencies know how to lay a proper foundation to get you off the ground, but success in the space takes an in-house effort from the client to assist the agency in learning your operations and client interactions first. This will allow your SEO team to do proper industry research and report back with a content plan that is both original and feasible to complete without the assistance of content writing software.


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