July 19, 2022

Get a Position 1 Ranking Without a Single Backlink

Get a Position 1 Ranking Without a Single Backlink

If there is anything that stays consistent in SEO it would be that you need a good backlink profile to rank. Building a natural backlink profile can take years as you try to build relationships with site owners in your niche. Even further, depending on the competition of your industry, if you don’t get links from sites with really high authority you may never see the first page.

So, how can you get to position 1 without a single backlink?

Google your money word. The most widely used search term you think your customers are typing in. If you are a plumber maybe it’s “plumber near me” or “plumber in (town name)”. If you are an e-commerce site it could be something like “iPhone chargers” or “Best iPhone chargers of 2021”

Because these terms are searched so often you are likely to see a directory like Angie’s List (if you’re the plumber in our example) and maybe an article by CNET or Forbes (if you’re the e-commerce example)

If they already rank #1 and have a DR your site will never touch...we can take advantage of all their hard work by getting listed on that page!

If Yelp ranks #1 in your city for your keyword...then you need to focus on improving your Yelp listing as much as possible.

If Angie’s List or any of the other major directories have the #1 spot, see what you can do about signing up for their service.

ahrefs screenshot of angie's list plumber near me page

How are these pages able to rank?

These pages rank easily and with great speed because of the domain authority of these sites with teams and teams of blog writers, backlink builders, and content creators. You really don’t stand much of a chance or at least need to be planning on dedicating years to this cause.

If you look at a page like https://www.angieslist.com/nearme/plumbers/ they have really created a monster. This page is visited no matter where you are searching from! This allows them to capture all of this traffic on one URL no matter where in the US the searcher is looking for a plumber. Google assumes high traffic means people are getting use out of the page and this assumption rapidly builds upon itself. This page has 86 referring domains and 367 keywords.

Can I ever rank a page above these directories?

Yes! You just need to commit to this worthy cause.

We have several clients with pages ranking above Yelp, Angie’s List, Home Depot, and more. None of this happened overnight though. From our experience last year in 2020, it took anywhere from 8-12 months to rank ahead of these pages and a weekly if not daily effort.

The downside of this tactic

Because you are now focusing more on getting your Yelp listing up or getting set up with Home Advisor you have less time to dedicate to your own site. If you were to focus that energy on building your own site’s presence you would be able to track this traffic coming to your site, retarget visitors with ads on other platforms, and not have to worry about a third party being your life line between getting online leads and the phones being cold.

Overall, we never suggest this tactic alone.

This is a quick fix for someone looking to take advantage of a site that already ranks. SEO is for business owners with a long term look on their business and not a quick buck. Having this traffic come to your site will always be the best advice but you can use this SEO tip to help kick things off!


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