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The Best Contractors SEO Strategy to Grow Your Business

Learning Your Business

SEO is not one size fits all. To place your website in front of more of your customers we need to understand your business. Once both parties fully understand the best way our SEO can help your business grow, we then start the location and keyword planning.

Location & Keyword Targeting

Our team is now ready to do the research into how your customers browse search engines. Not only do we compile the top search terms and phrases, we also provide an outlined content plan on how to attract the attention of users and search engines for these phrases in your location.

Content Writing

Once your team agrees with the presented plan for content creation, our team of U.S. based University writers produces useful articles for your customers, all optimized for search engine performance by our in house staff. Our top performing clients will provide a list of notes for each article which allows our content team to bring your business to the top of the rankings with your expertise.

Link Building

After we create original and authoritative content, our backlink team will launch an outreach program to reach other SEO-friendly website owners that are in your exact niche. We build every single link ourselves and make sure each website that our clients are placed on is being maintained with best practices.

Website Maintenance

While all of what's listed above is happening, your website also needs to be getting attention and being maintained. This in and of itself can prove to be a daunting task. With the majority of websites on WordPress, maintaining plugins and site speed can be a day to day operation. Luckily for you, our full service SEO comes with basic website maintenance or complete website maintenance if you want to host your website on our servers. For websites built on platforms like Shopify or Webflow, we provide complete SEO maintenance and can handle any moderate editing.

Google My Business Management

Being listed on Google My Business and other major directories is a simple yet basic step in SEO. Let Mad Mango Marketing manage the posting on your GMB account to increase your chances of ranking in the Map Pack. (Message Responding not included)

Case Studies

TwistedNail.com/ 2020

Based out of Waco, TX, Twisted Nail Broker Services hired Mad Mango Marketing to build them a custom content guide to get the most out of their web build that was already in progress. Once our notes were applied and a few months of link building were complete, they steadily rank on the first page in Texas for their main services.

AJGenerator.com/ 2020

A generator company in Connecticut came to Mad Mango Marketing looking to show up above the local competition. We built them a new site that gave us much more design flexibility and were able to build resource pages that answered common questions about generator malfunctions. This content strategy allowed them to triple the number of generator repair leads from their website.

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• We have dozens of contractor clients we have already brought results
• We understand that your business may not allow you to communicate during normal operating hours and can cater to your unique schedule 
• You add us to YOUR SYSTEMS…not the other way around like larger agencies who try to hold your marketing hostage

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